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I have developed a unique way of blending the earth's vibrations with those of the spirit world by channeling information from my Spirit Guides.  This enables clients to follow their soul pathways more effectively.  When I was ten years old, I could see space beings, spirits, was aware of several past lives, and was having premonitions.   Although being so sensitive to energies was sometimes quite challenging, it also provided the necessary protection I needed to survive.
I am a Professional Psychic with 35 years of experience giving readings, facilitating healings and past life regressions, lecturing, and teaching others how to develop their own intuitive abilities.  By studying with some of the most gifted healers, psychics, and astrologers in the world, I honed my talents to assist with raising the vibrational rate of my clients.
My practice expanded as I became a Medical Intuitive and was able to see into the bodies of clients, locating problem areas.  Spontaneous healings occurred which confirmed to me that I was on the right path.
After a move to Sun Valley, Idaho in 1980, I realized I had received a 'calling' to help others.  Clear visions and  premonitions became a part of daily life.  One vision enabled me to give detailed descriptions of murderers who had killed a friend's uncle.  Another involved finding a client's son who was schizophrenic and had been lost for some time. My Guides relayed the exact location, along with other detailed health and personal information.
As my clairvoyant gifts increased, I began a psychic practice in Ketchum, Idaho in 1981. Adept at solving crimes, locating missing persons or animals, communing with spirits, and doing house clearings; my work is many-faceted. Artistic expressions include: designing gemstone jewelry, transformative watercolor paintings, tapestry collage, playing guitar, and singing.
Since developing extreme chemical sensitivities in 1990, I was faced with many roadblocks, but used this experience as a platform to alert others to the dangers of toxic chemicals.  Curiosity and a penchant for learning enabled me to explore many facets of the metaphysical world.  Current work includes channeling Mishimoto, a powerful healer from Medjuigore; Malachi; and The Golden Ones, my loving space beings.
The Services page on the left enables you to schedule a reading by e-mail, in person, or phone.  Group channeling is also available.  It will be an experience you won't forget.  I consider it a pleasure and a privilege to work with you!  

with the gifted host Michael Long who will inspire you, bringing  peace and love into your heart and home TOPICS  INCLUDE "DETOXING, CLEANSING  AND PROTECTING OUR BODIES WHILE WE ARE ON A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY."
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Please enter any healing requests in the guest book.   DONATIONS (on Services Page) are appreciated but not required.  Any amount allows me to asist others who are in dire need.  Just type in what you can afford to give.
I cannot guarantee a written reply from me, however, I will definitely take the time to do the healing and reply to as many of you as time permits.  Please enter an email address.
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"Psychic Sunrise” is a fascinating memoir for anyone who  chooses to enhance their knowledge concerning clairvoyance and paranormal activities. Adele Williams’ life adventures as a psychic healer, medium, and medical intuitive provide insight into health challenges, relationships, soul purpose and spirit contact. Mesmerizing real stories of healings, premonitions, reincarnation, spirit guides, materializations, poltergeist activity, missing persons, animals, and alien encounters are all told with a masterful personal touch. The momentum builds with each incredible experience, making the book hard to put down and luring the reader into a world where anything is possible..
Adele Williams, B.A., M.S.E.
Certified Quantum Touch Therapist
              Elemental Healer

Psychic Medium Specializing in
House Clearings of Spirits
Pet Psychic
Medical Intuitive
Past Life Regressionist
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  Psychic Medium
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